Company Objectives

- RED DRESS SOLILOQUY (View the Development Trailer below) A feature film currently seeking distribution   

Starring: Sylta Fee Wegmann and Severino Negri.

Synopsis: An intimate look into the last 24 hours of a fiery couple's marriage, months after their 7-year old child was accidentally shot and killed by another 7-year old. The film makes a strong statement against the massive proliferation of guns in America.


RED DRESS SOLILOQUY 2 minute development trailer:












- In development: LOVE EXTREME

Starring: Judith Diakhate.

Synopsis: A beautiful isolated estate in Majorca, Spain is the setting for this sophisticate love-triangle, which explores current race relations in Europe, nontraditional relationships and self destructive behavior.  

- In development: ONE BLOOD 

Synopsis: Based on the true life story of Dr. Charles Drew, one of our most influential contributors to the medical field. An American physician, surgeon, and medical researcher, who was the first African American to earn a Doctorate of Surgery from Columbia University. His research into blood preservation saved thousands of lives during World War 2

- In development: William Shakespeare's MACBETH

Starring: Harry Lennix, Sanaa Lathan and Evan Ross.

Synopsis: A modern day adaptation of Shakespeare's play set in the Caribbean, with a multiracial, international cast. The feature film will stay true to the original storyline and text, as it tells a tale filled with witchcraft, passion, violence and relentless ambition. 

- AVAILABLE to Schools NOW and streaming on VIMEO soon!!!  ROMEO & JULIET IN HARLEM  made cinematic history as the first Shakespeare film adaption to stay true to the original language and storyline, and have a complete CAST of COLOR. Currently in the middle of a record breaking Educational Distribution Release.

Ms. Chappelle is the Founder/Director of HARLEM CHILDREN'S THEATRE


And she continues to offer her CASTING DIRECTOR services to Theatre Productions, Studios and Independent Films.