Projects in Development

MOON SHADOW FILMS, Inc. is a boutique film and theatre production company that develops cutting-edge, culturally diverse, and artistically commercial films and plays. 

NOAH (walking photo).jpg

NOAH a short film - seeking distribution

A Love-story that makes a strong anti-gun statement, after a couple loses their child to gun violence.

Starring Sylta Fee Wegmann and Severino Negri

LOVE  EXTREME a feature film in development.

A provocative love-triangle unfolds at an isolated estate on the island of Majorica.

 Starring Judith Diakhate


CALIBAN a feature film in

A psychological, romantic, fantasy, with a taste of Shakespeare. "It's David Cronenberg meets Ken Russell."


Willam Shakespeare's MACBETH a feature film in development

A modern day adaptation of the play set that stays true to the language, set on an island kingdom where people of color rule a population of color.

Starring Harry Lennix and Evan Ross