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Projects in Development

Moon Shadow Films

 Is an international, boutique film and theatre production company. We develop artistic, groundbreaking, often times political projects, which are diverse and inclusive.  

NOAH (walking photo).jpg

Fka "Red Dress Soliloquy " 
A feature film 
Festival screenings - TBA

A Love-story that makes a strong anti-gun statement, after a couple loses their child to gun violence. Based on true events.

Starring Sylta Fee Wegmann and Severino Negri

"Love Extreme"
 A feature film in development

A provocative love-triangle unfolds at an isolated estate on the island of Majorica.

 Starring Gary Dourdan, Judith Diakhate

and Harry Lennix

_LOVE EXTREME development poster 2023.jpg

"Forever And A Day "
A limited series in development.

A ghostly love-story, filled with Jazz music, and set in Philly during the 1960's. A kind of "Ghost and Mrs. Muir" meets "Mo Better Blues."


Willam Shakespeare's

A feature film in development

A modern day adaptation of the play that stays true to the language and storyline. Set on an island kingdom in the Caribbean, where people of color rule over a population of color.

Starring Harry Lennix and Evan Ross

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