Acting & Directing Workshops

Taught by Aleta Chappelle

In Lisbon, Berlin & New York City


!!! Lisbon Workshop forming NOW !!! 

"Monologue Coaching & "Acting Reel" Building Workshop 

Directors, agents and casting directors want to see an Actor's work ON CAMERA especially before hiring the actor. This workshop will help: 

NEW to acting can begin to building their acting reel.

- STAGE actors can use the filmed monologue to showoff their additional ON CAMERA skills.

- EXPERIENCED actors who already have a acting reel can expand the variety of performances on the reel by adding a new COMIC or DRAMATIC monologue.

WORKSHOP format:

- - Each Actors comes to the workshop with a 2 to 3 minute MONOLOGUE of their choosing that's memorized.

- - During the 4 HOUR Workshop Ms. Chappelle will lead a basic refresher course in FILM ACTING technique that includes: 

ON CAMERA rules of the trade.

- - Character analysis.

- -How to breakdown a scene.

- - improvisation exercises to help develop the character.

- - EACH ACTOR is given personalized attention as they rehearse the monologue several times.

FILMING day details: 

- - On the FILMING DAY - Ms. Chappelle will direct the Actor and lead the FILM CREW using professional lighting, sound and camera equipment.

- - Basic interior or exterior LOCATIONS in Lisbon will be provided OR the Actor can provide a more specialized location at their own expense. 

 - - The monologue will be filmed using MULTIPLE TAKES and SETUPS  

- - The actor will be given the CAMERA CARD containing the raw footage OR the raw footage can be sent via Dropbox for them to edit OR we can edit the footage, add titles and music for an additional fee.


Monologue Coaching & Rehearsal

Saturday,  JUNE 18th from 12:00 to 16:00


Monologue Filming Day

Sunday, JUNE 19th (this is worked out individually)

The Rate

€150 Total  

4 Hour Workshop + Monologue Filming with Crew


Studio Amour

R. Goncalves Crespo 54,

1150-186 Lisboa, Portugal

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